Windows 7 Is Really That Good

I’ve been working with Windows 7 for several weeks. There’s plenty in this new version for anyone still on XP, and it’s a no-brainer for Vista users. Win 7 is nimbler than Vista, but it’s the little touches in the new user interface that I really like: things that genuinely help you get work done faster and more easily, let you find things quickly in a screen full of open programs or a system cluttered with thousands of files.

The new wallpapers include some brilliantly fantastical drawings that fall into a kind of “Dr. Seuss meets Cirque du Soleil” category that appeals to my whimsical side, but the fact that they can be set to change automatically every so many minutes is also a big plus. It just makes things easier on the eye, and less tiring not to have the same image staring at you all day.

If you’re thinking about it, jump in. Tell them Alan sent you…

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