Microsoft Office 2010 is now on sale and it is well worth the effort and expense to upgrade if you’re using Office 2007 for your business. The applications are fast, and although the new navigation takes a little getting used to, it makes life much easier for newbies and those who never have attained familiarity with all the different menu options and where they were hidden.

For those of us who are very familiar with the ways of Office 2003 and do a lot of text styling, even when Word processing, I can’t really recommend an upgrade. All I can say is try it out (there’s a free trial you can download) and see how you feel about it. If you need the new features like the built-in ability to save a document as a PDF, or the new “conversation” view in Outlook 2010, then you’ll want to upgrade. Otherwise you may find you can work faster in Office 2003 than in either of the newer versions.

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