Getting Rid of Uglies

From the amazing amount of feedback I’ve been getting to the Creative Tips newsletter, it’s clear that there’s a vacuum of basic “how-to” information on simple layouts and making documents look good in standard office-type programs. This is mildly surprising, considering how many books, websites, etc., have been devoted to the topic over the years. On the other hand, I’ve looked at Microsoft’s website and discovered that the good stuff is hard to find. Lots of “Gee Whiz!” but the basics are well buried.

It’s not hard to improve the look of even the most mundane of business documents, letters, and so on, even if you don’t hire someone like me to create a new logo, color schemes and “identity” package. It’s partly knowing where the settings are in the word processor, but it’s also knowing what to look for and developing an eye for why some documents look better, more professional, more appealing than others, so you can do it yourself.

Since there is so much interest, and in the interests of not manually sending out copies of back issues (which will only grow in number), I’ve created a category page here on the blog so they’re easy to find.

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